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What is the Best Mattress for HomeAway?

What is the Best Mattress for HomeAway?

Quick Answer:  A memory foam mattress that is affordable, medium firmness, and 10 to 12 inches thick. 

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Why should I buy Memory Foam for my HomeAway Rental?
Memory foam gets you more bookings. Which is the goal right? More and more travelers are looking for a memory foam mattress in rental listings. In fact for some, if they don't see one in your listing, they are quick to move right along and book else where.

Why is medium firmness best for a HomeAway mattress?
It will make the most guests happy. One guest wants a rock hard mattress and the very next one wants a fluffy cloud, so the best choice is something right down the middle. The medium firmness gives you the best chance for guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

Why is a 10 to 12 inch thick mattress best for my HomeAway rental?
Once again it's all about balance. A 10 to 12 inch mattress is the sweet spot. If you go smaller the mattress will look thin and uncomfortable in pictures. Plus when a guest walks into your HomeAway they will see an uncomfortable mattress, no matter how comfortable it really is. On the flip side, over 12 inches the price goes up dramatically. 12 inches is the breakpoint for mattress pricing. Now if you have a high-end HomeAway with silk sheets and fountains then a super thick mattress makes perfect sense. But for most of us, the extra expense of the thicker mattress will go unnoticed.  


Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a mattress for my HomeAway rental?
Spending more is simply not worth the money. You can spend big bucks on a high-end memory foam mattress that only gives a small bump in comfort that is going to be completely wasted on your guests. It is wasted because that increase in quality is only noticed when someone sleeps on the same mattress for months. If you are renting your place out for months at a time then it might be worthwhile the extra money. But for most HomeAway rentals their guests are staying 7 nights at most, therefore a standard medium firmness memory mattress will get you great reviews and keep your set-up costs low.

What size mattress is best for a HomeAway Rental?
For the majority of HomeAway rentals, Queen size is the best. It doesn't drive off couples, is attractive to single business travelers and avoids the extra costs of King size bedding. For a lot of couples, they will skip right over your HomeAway if you have a Full or Twin mattress. These smaller mattresses are great for bonus kid beds or single travelers looking for a value. King and California King mattresses are right at home in high-end luxury accommodations, so go for the upgrade with premium rentals. But, remember, more bed will cost you more money! A King and California King mattress will increase your expenses for sheets and frames and are only worth the upgrade if your HomeAway is charging a premium.

Check out these affordable, 10-inch thick, medium firm memory foam mattresses: