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How to Rank #1 on Airbnb's Search Results?

How to Rank #1 on Airbnb's Search Results?

One of the single most important factors in getting your rental booked is where it ranks in the Airbnb algorithm. Like Google, Youtube or any other platform with a search engine, there is an ever-changing algorithm that determines what order things appear. Also,like all those platforms, we are never told what goes into the rankings on Airbnb. However, with enough trial and error, certain commonalities among the top-ranking Airbnb listings can be found. Although the ranking algorithm is always changing, we have found the following tips have constantly helped boost your ranking on Airbnb listing:

Having a Fast Response Rate

Airbnb measures the time from when you receive a message, to when you answer the message. This is called your response rate. The quicker it is the better you rank in the Airbnb algorithm. So try to get back to the messages as quickly as you are able.  Even better use is an automation system to ensure that every message is answered promptly, even while you are sleeping.

Turn on Instant Book

Many host hate using Instant Book, but Airbnb loves it! So they try to encourage hosts to use it by moving listings with instant book to the top of the ranks. Now this may not be a realistic possibility for every host especially those with home shares. But if you can make it work, then do it. 

Regular Activity 

Like every other digital platform, Airbnb likes to reward people that spend time on their website. They do this by increasing the ranking of hosts that show regular activity. Meaning, they reward you for constantly tinkering with your listing. So even if you love your listing and think it's perfect, make sure to regularly go in there and change something small. Adjust the price of one night by a dollar. Change a single word somewhere. Update your calendar, or any other small tweaks that let Airbnb know you are still there.

Use a Full Listing Title with Common Landmarks

Airbnb's ranking algorithm likes long listing titles that use all the available space. It also likes to know what major attractions you are near So a title that says "Awesome Grand Canyon Cabin that sleeps 8" will rank better than "The Robinson Cabin."

Certain Amenities are Common Among Higher-Ranked Listings:

Because we do not know how the algorithm truly works, we are not sure if this is causation or correlation. But time and again listings that list these 6 amenities are found at the top of the rankings. I am not saying you are dead in the water without them, but go look at the top rankings in your area and I bet most of them offer all 6 of these amenities: An iron, Desk, Clothes Hangers, Hairdryer, Bathroom Essentials, and Internet Access. 

Make Sure Your Profile is Completely Filled Out.

At this point, this one should be pretty obvious. Airbnb likes to have as much info about you as possible. So listings from Hosts that have their profile completely filled-out rank higher. It may be surprising, but plenty of hosts leave parts of their profile blank. Don't be one of these hosts!


Those were are 6 actionable items that any host can do right now to help boost their listing's ranking. But there are 3 more things that over the long run will do more to boost your ranking than anything else. And they are:

Super Host Status

Yeah, I know, getting and keeping it can feel arbitrary but in Airbnb's eternal wisdom they have created a system they feel highlights the best hosts. Naturally they want to promote the best hosts, so super hosts get a bump in rankings. Do what you are able to get and keep your Super Host status to help boost your rankings.  Now don't think the moment you get it your listing will rocket it up, but it is one of many factors that will help you be the top dog

Wish Lists

People like what other people like. So Airbnb rewards listings that are on lots of wish lists. So do what you can to be on as many as possible. Ask your friends, former guests, or random people on the street to add you to their Airbnb wishlist.


The review system is at the heart of what makes Airbnb function. It is the only way bad guests and hosts can be identified and punished. So naturally, people with lots of good reviews move up the rankings. Now, this doesn't mean you should bend over backward to avoid bad reviews from bad guests, but you should do what you can to get good reviews by good guests. Create simple non-intrusive ways to remind guests how much you would appreciate it if they left a review. 

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