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What is the best mattress protector for HomeAway?

What is the best mattress protector for HomeAway?


Short answer: A machine washable, fullly encased mattress protector that is unnoticed when slept on. 

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Why do I need a fully encased mattress protector for my HomeAway?
When accidents happen they don't just happen on one side of your mattress. They happen all over. A bad spill can even get to the underside of the mattress. So when buying a mattress protect make sure your entire mattress is actually protected.

Why do I need to make sure my HomeAway mattress protector goes unnoticed when guest sleep on it?
A noticeable mattress protector will turn an amazingly comfortable bed into an annoying 1-star review bed. Many commonly found mattress protectors are made of plastic or rubber so when guests move they make an obnoxious crinkling noise, similar to a hospital bed. Make sure your mattress protector is made from stain resistant fabric so guests will never even know its there.

Why do I need a machine washable mattress protector for my HomeAway?
It makes hosting easier and cheaper.  When the inevitable leaks happen if your mattress protector is not machine washable then its time for a new one or a trip to the dry cleaner. A machine washable mattress protector just needs some stain remover and a trip to the spin cycle to be back and ready for action.

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