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What is the best Soap and Shampoo for a Vacation Rental?

What is the best Soap and Shampoo for a Vacation Rental?

Quick answer: A fragrance free soap and shampoo in a refillable pump bottle made of cloudy plastic.  Bonus points if it is organic and sustainable.

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Why should I use a fragrance-free soap and shampoo for my Vacation Rental? 
It is the choice that will appeal to the most guests. Adding fragrances to soaps or shampoos means adding ingredients that will increase the chances of a negative (or allergic) reaction. Plus what smells good is entirely subjective. You might love the smell of white lilies but some guests are going to find it awful. So play it safe and go fragrance-free.

Why should the soap and shampoo for my Vacation Rental come in a refillable bottle?
Because you will spend less money. Over time buying a new bottle every time will become expensive. Choose a soap and shampoo that comes in a good looking bottle that you can put out for guests and has a low-cost gallon size bottle you can use for refills.   

Why use a pump bottle for soap and shampoo in my Vacation Rental?
A pump bottle helps with overuse and keeping it more sanitary. The pump bottle prevents random things from getting inside the bottle. While also controlling the amount of soap that comes out so guests do not accidentally dump out most of the bottle when they use it. 

Why use a cloudy plastic bottle for my soap and shampoo?
It looks cleaner and saves time. Cloudy plastic obscures soap scum and water spots that are a pain to remove making cleaning easier. Plus, cloudy plastic will not let guests know how much soap is in the bottle so they always appear full. And we all know full bottles look better than half full ones. But refilling bottles after every guest is a tedious task so make the bottles look full all the time with a cloudy plastic. 

Do sustainable organic amenities actually matter? 
For some guests, organic products are the difference between booking your rental or a different one. This is obviously not true for most guests, but if having organic products in your listing gets you even a couple more bookings a year then it will more than pay for itself.

Check out these fragrance-free soaps and shampoos that come in refillable pump bottles made from cloudy plastic: