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Which color is the best for towels and sheets in an Airbnb?

Which color is the best for towels and sheets in an Airbnb?

Quick Answer:
White towels & sheets with a black cosmetic washcloth.


Why should I use white sheets & towels for my Airbnb?
White appears crisp and clean to guests, is photogenic, and easy to clean. You read that right...white is easier to clean. Colored towels and sheets will become discolored by your guests' potions and lotions. And, when that happens, all you can do is throw them out or turn them into cleaning rags. On the other hand, white can be brought back to its original bright color with a good whitener.

Additionally, white linens make your Airbnb look fresh and inviting to guests. Colored towels and sheets may add a pop of color but they often hide stains. And you better believe your guests know this. Even brand new colored sheets and towels will make guest doubtful about their cleanliness. And, that kind of doubt can lead to bad reviews. There is a good reason that most hotels use white linens and you should you, too.

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Why do I want black cosmetic washcloths?
To save your white towels from guests' makeup removal. Makeup stains will quickly destroy your fresh white towels and, by offering guests an alternative, you will get more life out of your white towels. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful touch, too. For each guest, put out one black washcloth. The washcloth should also have the word "Cosmetics" or "Makeup" stitched on it so guests understand the intended use. Make sure to have a few extras on hand as these can become ruined over time. But, keep in mind, the cost of replacing a washcloth is much cheaper than replacing an entire towel set.

But what if I really, really, really want to use colored towels and sheets?
Okay, then solid gray or navy linens are your best options. That being said, these colors will become discolored so keep an eye out and make sure never to put out discolored linens for guests. As far as sheets and other bedding goes, an extra throw blanket in a pop of color is great. Everything else should be white. I know, white is not the most exciting color palette but your guests would rather feel comfortable knowing that everything they are sleeping on and using is clean. So, go with clean and comfy white for the linens and go crazy with colors and fun patterns everywhere else in your rental. 

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