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What is the Best Mattress for VRBO?

What is the Best Mattress for VRBO?

Quick Answer: Affordable memory foam mattress that is medium firmness 10 to 12 inch thick

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Why should I buy Memory Foam for my VRBO?
Memory foam gets you more bookings. What other reason do you need? With more travelers booking private rentals the expectations are going up. And a memory foam mattress has become the standard. For some travelers if they don't see one in your listing, they are will move on to the next one.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a mattress for my VRBO?
Spending more is a waste. You can spend thousands on a higher end memory foam mattress but that bump in comfort is going to be lost on your guests. After a certain point that increased quality of a memory foam mattress is only be noticed after someone has slept on the same mattress for months. If you are renting your place out for months at a time then it might be worthwhile to spring for the extra expense. But for most VRBO's a traveler is staying 7 nights at most, so a medium firmness memory mattress will get you excellent reviews and save you money.

Why is medium firmness best for a VRBO mattress?
Because it's the middle ground that will make the most guests happy. Some guests love sleeping on a mattress made of rocks while others want a soft cloud to sleep on, so its best to split the difference. A medium firmness mattress will lead to the most net guest satisfaction and give you the most positive reviews.


Why is a 10 to 12 inch thick mattress best for my VRBO?
Once again it is the perfect middle ground. If you go smaller than 10 inches the mattress will look thin and uninviting in your rental pictures. Plus when a guest walks into your VRBO they will perceive the mattress as thin uncomfortable, no matter how comfy it really is. On the other hand, if you go over 12 inches be prepared to pay a lot more. 12 inches is the tipping point in mattress cost. Larger than 12 inch and mattress prices jump way up. If you have a high-end vacation rental with silk sheets and fountains then a big thick mattress is the perfect fit. But for most rentals that extra expense will go unnoticed.  

What size mattress is best for VRBO?
Queen size is ideal for most VRBOs. Queen size beds are ideal because they don't scare off couples and are much desired by single business travelers all with the added benefit of avoiding the extra costs of King size bedding. You need to be aware that many couples will not book your VRBO if you only have a Full or Twin mattress. These smaller mattress sizes are perfect for an extra bed for kids or to attract single value seeking travelers. King and California King mattress sizes are great if not expected in high-end luxury accommodations. Just keep in mind more bed means more money! A King and California King mattress will increase your costs for sheets and bed frames so it's only worth the upgrade if your VRBO is going for a primo price.

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