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What are the best pillows for a Short Term Rental host?

What are the best pillows for a Short Term Rental host?

Short answer:
Affordable queen size memory foam pillows

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Why go with memory foam pillows for my Short Term Rental?
They look better and last longer. All pillows go flat eventually but memory foam (especially when latex is in included) takes a lot longer, so you will need to buy replacements less often.  Also, memory foam pillows keep their shape better so your pillows will look perfect for guests in person and in pics. 

Why should I choose queen size pillows for my Short Term Rental?
Queen size balances price, guest comfort, and hosting ease. A queen pillow is 20 x 30 inches (roughly), a standard pillow come in at only 2 inches smaller, but a king jumps up 6 inches. This means that queen pillows pair with almost any pillowcase but kings only pair with king pillowcases. So make your hosting life easy and use queen pillows on all your beds so its no hassle when they get mixed up.

The big downside to king-sized bedding is that it costs more money. Now if your short-term rental charges a premium price then go with the more expensive option, but for most rentals, the queen size is the way to go. As far as the smaller sizes they begin to sacrifice guest comfort because most people are used to the feel of a queen pillow. Two inches smaller and something don't feel right to guests. Queen size pillows are they way to go. They keep guests happy, pocketbooks happy, and cleaners happy.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on pillows for my Short Term Rental?
Because it's a waste of money.  You want nice pillows in your rental but only up to a certain point. The difference between a 25 dollar pillow and a 75 dollar pillow is only noticed when someone sleeps on the same pillow for weeks at a time (which is not your guests). So save yourself some money because pillows wear out, wine gets spilled on them, or they disappear.  Having a go-to source for affordable pillows is going to save you time and energy. 

Need an affordable queen size memory foam pillow? These will take good care of you and your guests:

best pillows for a short term rental