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What is the best bed frame for a Vacation Rental?

What is the best bed frame for a Vacation Rental?


Quick answer: Affordable sturdy platform bed frame

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Why should I use a platform bed for my vacation rental?
Platform bed frames are perfectly suited for a vacation rental. With a platform bed, no box spring is needed so one less thing you need to buy and one less thing you might need to replace. Also, they are lower to the ground so your vacation rental will feel bigger and more spacious to guests. But most importantly, they look great in photos. Every guest that stays with you will have made that decision largely based on the pictures in your listing. And the picture of the bed is one of the most viewed images. With the right platform bed, your pictures will sing which should lead to more bookings.

Why do I need to make sure my vacation rental bed is sturdy?
Because guests do the oddest things when no one is looking. As nice as they appear via messages when they are alone in your vacation rental eventually one of them will do something they shouldn't. Which is why I recommend bed frames with center supports. If your current bed frame does not have them then well-placed piece of 2 x 4 will do the trick. If you are in the market for new bed frame make sure it has center supports so they will survive longer.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a bed frame for my vacation rental?
Given enough time and guests, everything will need to be replaced. So you want a bed frame that is the middle ground between price and quality. It needs to be quality enough so guests feel comfortable and excited, but not so pricey that buying a replacement will break the bank. For most hosts, that middle ground is about $150 to $250.

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best bed frame for a vacation rental