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What are the best Towels for a VRBO host?

What are the best Towels for a VRBO host?


Quick answer: Affordable white towels with easy to find replacements

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Why do I need easy to find replacements for my VRBO Towels?
Having what you need when you need it is a vital part of consistent rental income. And scouring the jungles of the Amazon or digging through endless warehouse clearance racks whenever you need new towels is a waste of time. Plus when you go back they don’t even have what you got last time, so now you are getting towel sets getting mixed up in the wash creating another waste of time. Having a reliable source for towels makes your hosting life easier by saving you time. And as they say, time is money.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on towels for my VRBO?
Because as a VRBO host you will be going through a lot of towels and pricey towels will eat up your profits. A standard towel set for each guest is a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. At any moment, most hosts have three sets per possible guest at the ready. In other words, if your place sleeps a maxium of two guests then you will want 6 sets of towels. One in use, one as back up, and another for emergencies. Given that, you can see how fast the cost of expensive towels can add up. 

Why use white towels for my VRBO?
They look great in photographs, are inviting to guests, and are easier to clean. Yes indeed, white towels are easier to clean. Colored ones will be discolored by the various lotions and ointments used by guests. And once a colored towel becomes discolored all you can do is throw it out or make it into a cleaning rag. However, with white towels, you can restore them with a good whitener. This is why almost every hotel uses white towels. They look cleaner to guest and are easier to clean by hosts. Everyone is happy.


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