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What is the Best Mattress for an Airbnb Host?

What is the Best Mattress for an Airbnb Host?

Quick Answer: Affordable 10 to 12 inch thick medium frimness Memory Foam mattress

 Buy a memory foam mattress now. 

Why should I buy Memory Foam for my Airbnb?
Memory foam will get you booked. It's really that simple. Every year Airbnb guests are expecting more and a memory foam mattress is becoming a must-have for booking. In fact for many potential guests, if one isn't in your listing they will move right on to the next listing.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a mattress for my Airbnb?
Spending more for a mattress is simply not worth the money. You can spend thousands on a memory foam mattress with all the fancy features but that small bump in comfort is going to be lost on your guests. The increased quality of a high-end memory foam mattress can only be noticed after someone sleeps on it for several months. So for the majority Airbnbs where a guest is staying 7 nights at most, a well made medium firmness memory mattress will get you great reviews while keeping money in your pocket.

Why is a 10 to 12 inch thick mattress best for my Airbnb?
Because it is the Goldy Lox of thickness, it is just right! A 10 to 12 inch thick mattress is the perfect balance of comfort and cost. If you go thinner the mattress will appear sad and small in your listing pictures. Plus when guests walk into your Airbnb they will see a thin uncomfortable mattress, no matter how comfy it really is. Thicker than 12 inches and you better be prepared to pay a premium. Over 12 inches and the price will jump way up. This extra expense makes sense if you have a high-end Airbnb with silk sheets and a private lap pool then an overly thick mattress fits right in. But for most rentals, the higher cost will go unnoticed by guests. 

Why is medium firmness best for an Airbnb mattress?
Because its right in the middle and makes the most guests happy. You may have one guest that wants a rock hard mattress and the next wants a soft cloud to sleep, so its best to make pick something right down. The medium firmness mattress creates the most net guest satisfaction in vacation rentals, giving you the most positive reviews. 

What size mattress is best for an Airbnb?
Queen size is where it's at for Airbnbs. It doesn't drive away couples and is super attractive for single business travelers while avoiding the extra expenses of King size bedding.  Many couples simply will not book your Airbnb if you have a Full or Twin mattress (I mean, who wants to be smushed together after traveling all day?). The smaller mattress sizes are perfect for an extra bed intended for kids or single travelers. On the flip side, a King and California King mattress is a great choice if you are trying to offer luxury accommodations. But, remember, more bed means more money out of your pocket! A King and California King mattress will increase your costs for sheets and bed frames so it's only worth the upgrade if your Airbnb will command a premium price.

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