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TurnoverBnB's Tips for Saving Hosts Time

TurnoverBnB's Tips for Saving Hosts Time

The following is a guest blog post from TurnoverBnB, a wonderful service to help automate your vacation rental cleaning.

We at TurnoverBnB understand that as a vacation rental host your time is limited and precious. As a host some of your main goals are to make your guest happy, attract new guests and to take care of your property. These tasks can take up a lot of time and you may not be hosting to the best of your ability, simply because you do not have the time. To help you manage your time better, we have included some great time management tips for hosts!

Relinquish Control
It is common that hosts try to handle all the responsibilities of their rental properties. These responsibilities include greeting the guests in person upon check-in, cleaning the vacation rental and tending to the guests needs during their stay. These tasks require the host to not only put in time and effort but to also the host must be close to the property. Instead of having to greet the guest in person to let them into the home, providing a lockbox or even installing a keyless entry
code will solve this problem. A vacation rental cleaner is a great time-saving alternative to the host cleaning the property themselves. These responsibilities can be easily handed off and will allow the host to have the option of renting more properties. Lastly, it is common to have a property listed on several rental sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. To manage your booking in one place, it is wise to use property management software.

Use a Calendar

Organization is key when running a vacation rental. A great way to keep yourself accountable is by keeping an organized calendar. This not only saves time and money by giving yourself deadlines, it’s an important reminder of your goals and priorities for your property. Being ahead of time gives you and your property a competitive advantage over other listings that are not. However, you must make this a habit. If you need a monthly clean, schedule all your cleaners each month for the year rather than on a month by month basis. If you need a weekly open house, schedule each at the beginning of the month.

Install Security Software

Installing security software in your property is not typically seen as a tool for time management, but it can be a very useful tool. Installing systems such as keyless entry code doors and outdoor security cameras will save you time from your busy schedule. Having a door where the guest uses a keypad to enter the home saves you the hassle of having to let the guest into the home and also takes away the hassle of having to change out keys to your house that would be used in basic lockboxes. Having security cameras is a great way to feel more at ease that your
property is being taken care of in the case of potential break ins, or even in the case of guest breaking your house rules by allowing to many people into your vacation rental. By having the security cameras you will not have to personally check on the home as often as you would without cameras installed.

Use Automated Resources
What makes all the before mentioned tasks so much easier is our access to technology that pretty much does the job for us. You can use automated scheduling for guest bookings, cleaner appointments, meetings, etc. What’s more, many of the apps you can use give you the option of periodic reminders. Others don’t even require much thought, like automatic payment and receipt alternatives. Even speedy ways of communication, such as texting or e-mails, is a great time

TurnoverBnB is a great option to use as a tool to automatically schedule and find vacation rental cleaners. TurnoverBnB is a new global platform based in Hawaii, connecting housekeepers and Airbnb hosts. We at TurnoverBnB created a free software tool that allows hosts to automatically schedule their cleaners for upcoming turnovers. The software syncs with your vacation rental calendar and automatically alerts your cleaners to new projects.