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What is the Best Mattress for a Short Term Rental?

What is the Best Mattress for a Short Term Rental?

Quick Answer: Medium firmness 10 to 12 inch thick affordable Memory Foam mattress

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Why should I buy Memory Foam for my short-term rental?
Memory foam leads to more bookings. More and more travelers are expecting a memory foam mattress and, if they don't see one in your listing, they will move right on to the next short-term rental.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a mattress for my short-term rental?
Spending more is a poor use of money. You can spend thousands for a memory foam mattress but that will only mean a modest bump in comfort that will ultimately be lost on your guests. The increased quality is only really noticed when someone sleeps on the same mattress for months. If your short-term rental is booking for months at a time then an upgrade could make sense. But for the majority of the short-term rentals, a guest stays 7 nights maximum, so a simple medium firmness memory mattress will work perfectly. It will get you great reviews and save you money.

Why is medium firmness best for a short-term rental mattress?
It's the perfect middle ground. One guest wants a rock hard mattress and the next a soft cloud, so its best to split the difference and make everyone as happy as possible. A medium firmness mattress means the most guest satisfaction and giving you the most positive reviews.

Why is a 10 to 12 inch thick mattress best for my short-term rental?
A 10 to 12 inch thick mattress is the sweet spot. Going thinner than 10 inches the mattress will look small and undesirable in your pictures. And when a guest walks into your rental they see a thin uncomfortable mattress, no matter how nice it actually is. On the other hand, if you go over 12 inches be prepared to pay a hefty price. 12 inches is the breakpoint for mattress cost. If you have a luxury short-term rental with 300 dollar sheets then an overly thick mattress is exactly what you need. But for most rentals that extra cost for the thicker mattress will go unnoticed and is unnecessary.  

What size mattress is best for a short-term rental?
For most short-term rentals the right answer is Queen size. It won't dissuade couples and single business travelers will be thrilled. All this while not having to deal with the extra costs of King size bedding. You need to be aware that many couples will not book your place if you only have a Full or Twin mattress. These smaller mattresses are ideal fo an extra bed intended for kids or attracting single travelers for a value. King and California King mattress sizes are the best choices for high-end luxury accommodations. But keep in mind more bed is more money out of your pocket! A King and California King mattress will increase your costs for sheets and bed frames so it's only worth the extra money if your short-term rental can command a premium price.

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