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What is the best bed frame for a Short Term Rental ?

What is the best bed frame for a Short Term Rental ?


Quick answer: Affordable sturdy platform bed frame

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Why should I use a platform bed for my short-term rental?
Platforms are a perfect match for the needs of short-term rental hosts. They don’t require a box spring so it saves you money while giving guest one less thing to damage. They are more durable than conventional bed frames. And, they are lower to the floor making rooms feel larger and more spacious. But most vital, a platform bed looks amazing in pictures. Pictures are the main part of your listing that guests review before booking and the picture of the bed is the most viewed image. So making sure your furniture comes across well goes a long way in increasing bookings.  

Why do I need to make sure my short-term rental bed is sturdy?
Because as friendly as a guest might seem who knows what they are like behind closed doors. The vast majority of guest are wonderful but eventually, one of the bad ones slips in. Which is why I strongly recommend a bed with center supports. These will help you get more time out of your bed frame. If your current bed frame does not have any then a small piece of 2 x 4 will work wonders. But if you are looking for a brand new bed frame make sure you buy one with center supports so you can get the most life out of it.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a bed frame for my short-term rental?
Given enough bookings, everything will need to be replaced. So you want a bed frame that is both reasonably priced and still attractive to guests. It needs to look good in photos and when guests walk in but not be so expensive that it will put you in debt to replace it. For most hosts, $150 to $250 is a good middle ground price.

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best bed frame for a short term rental