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What are the Best Bed Sheets for an Airbnb Host?

What are the Best Bed Sheets for an Airbnb Host?

Quick Answer: White affordable bed sheets that are easy to order replacements for.

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Why should I use white bed sheets for my Airbnb?
White sheets appear crisp and clean, are photogenic, and easier to clean. You read that right, white sheets are easier to clean. Colored sheets become discolored by your guests' potions and lotions. And when that happens, all you can do is throw them out or turn them into cleaning rags. On the other hand, white bedding can be brought back to its original bright white with a good whitener (read the link below if you want to learn how.)

Additionally, white sheets make your Airbnb beds look fresh and inviting to guests. Colored sheets may match the room but they often hide stains and you better believe guests know this. Even brand new colored sheets will make guest doubtful about their cleanliness. There is a good reason most hotels use white bedding and you should too.

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Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on bed sheets for my Airbnb?
Because you are going to be buying a allot of them over the life of your Airbnb and expensive sheets will quickly cut into your profits. A good guideline is to have three sets of sheets ready for every bed. On average each set of sheets will last you six months. So if you do the math, the costs will add up.  Now, clearly using cheap, itchy sheets will end in lots of negative reviews. But you can find cozy, soft sheets in microfiber for a good price or if you want a little more go with 100% cotton sheets. 

Why do I want bed sheets that can be reliably replaced?
It saves you time and makes your life easier. Matching bed sheets that come from the same place allows you can throw them all in the wash together without the pain of matching the right fitted and flat sheets together. Also when you need replacements, you won't waste time figuring out which Amazon seller now has the same sheets you bought last time (spoiler alert, none of them). A constant source for the same bed sheets will be a huge time saver. And, as you are well aware, time is money.

Should I get cotton or microfiber bed sheets for my Airbnb?
At the end of the day, there really is no correct answer. Lots of hosts will tell you with absolute conviction that one option is better than the other. But opinion is not fact. Each one has their pros and cons and every host has their own preference.

Over time you will develop your own preference but here is a quick reference on the differences:  

  • Microfiber is cheaper. Cotton lasts a little longer. 
  • Microfiber is more wrinkle resistant. Cotton is more stain resistant. 
  • Microfiber is softer to the touch. Cotton sleeps cooler.

Just be aware that whichever one you go with allot will depend on the quality of the material and construction. I recommend you experiment with different options until you find what you like. Just remember your best option is white, affordable, and easily replaced sheets.  

Check out these sheets that are white, affordable, and always in stock:

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