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What is the best comforter for a Vacation Rental?

What is the best comforter for a Vacation Rental?


Quick answer: A comforter that is affordable, all-season, down-alternative, and machine washable.

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Why do I need an all season comforter for my Vacation Rental?
It makes the most guests happy. Some guests sleep hot some sleep cold so you need a comforter weight that is a middle ground so everyone is satisfied. Plus you won't have to switch out the comforter every few months. It can be annoying trying to guess when to switch comforters and needing more storage space for the second one. An all-season comforter makes hosting a little easier.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a comforter for my Vacation Rental?
Having to buy replacements is just the cost of doing business as a vacation rental host. Hosts just need to make sure the cost of replacements doesn't put them out of business. And comforters are a good place to cut costs because they go into a cover making it hard for guests to tell the difference between high-end and low-end.

Why is down alternative the best option for my Vacation Rental comforter?
It is a hypoallergenic material that reduces the chances of guests having a bad reaction. Plus, it is cheaper than other fill materials and feels just as nice.

Why do I need a machine washable comforter?
If your comforter is not machine washable then it is going to need regular dry cleaning. And dry cleaning is a costly time-intensive process compared to using the washing machine inside your vacation rental. 


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