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What is the best mattress protector for a Vacation Rental?

What is the best mattress protector for a Vacation Rental?


Quick answer: A machine washable, fullly encased mattress protector that is silent when slept on by guests. 

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Why do I need a fully encased mattress protector for my Vacation Rental?
When spills and accidents happen they leak onto every side of the mattress. A big enough spill will even stain the underside. So when protecting your mattress, make sure to protect the entire mattress.

Why do I need to make sure my vacation rental mattress protector is silent when slept on?
Most commonly found mattress protectors are constructed from plastic or rubber and intend for hospital type usage. So when a guest moves on this type of protector they make a loud crinkling noise turning a comfortable bed into an annoying one. Whereas, if you have mattress protector made from fabric your guests will have no idea its even there.

Why do I need a machine washable mattress protector?
It is the easier and cheaper option.  When a leak happens on a non-machine washable mattress protector you have to buy a new one or take a trip to the dry cleaner. If it's machine washable just smother it with stain remover and run it through your washing machine. 

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