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What is the best bed frame for an Airbnb?

What is the best bed frame for an Airbnb?


Quick answer: Affordable sturdy platform bed frame

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Why should I use a platform bed for my Airbnb?
Because platform bed frames are uniquely suited to the needs of Airbnb hosts. They don’t require a box spring which means there is one less thing you have to buy and one less thing that can get damaged. They are more durable than traditional frames. And, they are lower to the ground making rooms feel bigger and airier. But more importantly, a platform bed photographs well. Everybody that books with you will be doing so based on the pictures in your listing. The picture of the bed is one of the primary photos that guest view. A platform bed can make your bed picture pop which can dramatically increase your bookings.

Why do I need to make sure my Airbnb bed is sturdy?
Because who knows what guests do behind closed doors. As friendly as they are to your face once they are alone in your Airbnb eventually someone will do something dumb. I recommend a bed frame that offers center supports to help it survive. If your current bed frame does not have them then well-placed piece of 2 x 4 will do the trick. If you are in the market for new bed frame go with one that has center supports.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a bed frame for my Airbnb?
Everything in a rental will eventually need to be replaced. So make sure you find a bed frame that balances cost and quality. It needs to be nice enough that guests feel comfortable, but not so expensive that it will break you when it comes time to buy a replacement. For most hosts, about $150 to $250 is a good range.

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