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What are the best pillows for a VRBO host?

What are the best pillows for a VRBO host?

Short answer:
Affordable queen size memory foam pillows

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Why memory foam pillows for my VRBO?
Memory foam looks better and lasts longer. Over time, all pillows go flat but memory foam just takes longer to do it (especially when latex is in included). So replacements are needed less often, costing you less money in the long run. Memory foam pillows also look more plump and full on the bed, which makes them more appealing in pictures and when guests arrive.

Why should I use queen size pillows for my VRBO?
Queen balance the tension between price, comfort, and flexibility. A queen pillow measures about 20 x 30 inches, a standard pillow is just 2 inches smaller, but a king is a full 6 inches bigger. So you can use a queen pillow will fit most pillowcases but a king will only fit a king sized pillowcase. To make your hosting life easy only use queen size pillows on all your beds so it's no big deal when they get mixed up. 

Also, king sized bedding is pricey. If you have an upscale VRBO the extra expense is no big deal, but for most VRBO hosts, the lower cost queen size is the way to go. On the flip side, smaller than a queen and you start to sacrifice guests comfort. Most people are comfortable with the size and feel of a queen pillow, but if you go two inches smaller something just doesn't feel right. Queen size is that perfect middle ground between guest comfortable and price.

Why should I NOT spend allot on pillows for my VRBO?
The extra money is not worth it. You defiantly want quality pillows for your VRBO, but guests are not going to notice the difference between a good 25 dollar pillow and a great 75 dollar pillow. The minor differences between the two is only noticed when someone sleeps on the pillow for several weeks in a row (so is not your guests). Pillows wear out, juice gets spilled on them, or they disappear so keeping the cost of replacements down is important to keeping profits in your pocket. 

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best pillows for a VRBO host