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What is the best bed frame for a VRBO?

What is the best bed frame for a VRBO?


Short answer: Affordable sturdy platform bed frame

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Why should I use a platform bed for my VRBO?
Platform bed frames are specially suited for VRBO rentals. First, they don’t need a box spring so one less item to buy and one less to replace. Second, they are more durable than most other frames. Third, they are lower down so rooms feel large and airy. Last and most crucial, platform beds look stunning in photographs. And since guests book mostly on pictures having photogenic furniture can be key to getting more bookings. 

Why do I need to make sure my VRBO bed is sturdy?
Because people do odd things when left alone. As pleasant as your guests may seem one of them is going do something ridiculous. Which is why I recommend a bed frame with center leg supports to help make it last longer. If your current bed is missing them then a couple pieces of 2 x 4 will work nicely. Otherwise, if you are looking for a new bed frame for your VRBO make sure it has center legs, so it lasts longer.

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on a bed frame for my VRBO?
At some, point all rental furniture needs to be replaced. So finding a bed frame that balances cost and quality is important. It needs to be sufficient enough that guests feel relaxed and welcome, but not so high-priced that buying a replacement will empty your savings. For most hosts, this middle ground is $150 to $250. You should have no probelms finding a qulity bed that will make guests happy in that price range.

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best bed frame for a VRBO rental