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What are the best Towels for a HomeAway rental?

What are the best Towels for a HomeAway rental?


Short answer: White low cost towels with easy to find replacements

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Why do I want easy to find replacements for my HomeAway Towels?

Having what you need when you need makes running a HomeAway easier and less stressful. If you have to dig through endless warehouse clearance racks or search the far corners of the Amazon jungle every single time you need a new towel, then you are wasting time. And most of the time they don't have the same towels you purchased last time. So now you have to waste time sorting between towel sets after every wash. A reliable consistent source for towels will save you time and energy

Why should I NOT spend a lot of money on towels for my HomeAway?
There is no way around it, you are going to buy a lot of towels as a HomeAway host and the cost of expensive towels destroys your profits. Let's do some quick math. Most guests expect a bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. A standard guideline is three sets of towels per possible guest available at any time. So if your place sleeps two people then you need 6 sets or 18 towels on hand. One set out guest to use, one in reserve, and the third for the eventual emergency. So given that math, you can see how rapidly the cost of towels will add up. 

Why use white towels for my HomeAway Rental?
White towels look fresh and clean to guests, are photogenic, and easier to clean.  Seriously, white towels are easier to clean. This is because colored towels will be discolored by your guests' various products. And once that happens there is nothing to do but throw them out or turn them into cleaning rags. But with white towels, you can use various whiteners to restore them. There is a good reason why most hotels excessively use white towels. They last longer, save money, and guests trust them more. 


These white affordable towels that are always in stock:

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