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The #1 Easiest Airbnb Hosting Hack

The #1 Easiest Airbnb Hosting Hack

Want to know the secret to making Airbnb bookings go smoothly?


Constant, clear, communication with every guest is the key. Provide it every time to every guest and you will dramatically cut back on guest issues and increase your 5-star reviews.

The only problem is that constant clear communication is stressful and time-intensive. Guests need answers quick! And, you want to message them as soon as possible in order to secure more bookings and to keep your current guests happy. But being available to answer messages day and night is just not possible. I mean, we're all human and we need to sleep at some point, right?

Unless of course, you had a way to automate most of your messages. Then, you could have constant, clear communication without the stress. Well, we have got a gamechanger hack for you!

Your Porter
 is an easy way to automate your messages and help put a large part of your business on autopilot. And, with our 5 time-tested message templates below, you will know what to say and when to say it. No guesswork, just plug and play this strategy into Your Porter and save yourself time and stress.
What is Your Porter?
Your Porter is a simple to use app that will automatically send customized messages to every guest throughout their interaction with you. From initial inquiries to booking the reservation, and throughout their stay until checkout time. To give you an idea of how you would use Your Porter, we  included our top five automated message templates below that you can set up right away to ensure your guests get the information they need for their stay. 

Automating Airbnb messages

#1 Booking Confirmation

This quick response reassures guests about the booking they just made and makes you look like the responsive & caring host they desire. 

What does the message include? 
Booking confirmation & basic house information.

When is it sent? 
Same day a guest books your rental.


#2 Day Before Check-In

This makes you look like a true superhost, one who is on the ball and cares about your guests. This positive impression will get your guests excited to stay with you and it will set the tone for the trip. 

What does this message include?
Arrival time & information needed for check-in

When do I send this message?
10AM the day before guest check-in. 


#3 Morning After Check-In

This follow-up message makes you appear like you are super available and gives you an opportunity to address any possible problems that arise during the guests’ stay.

What does this message include?
Quick inquiry to check if everything is ok.

When do I send this message?
11AM the morning after guest check-in.


#4 Day Before Check-Out

This is your chance to thank the guest for staying with you and makes your life easier by letting them know what you expect when they check out.

What does this message include?
Check-out information.

When do I send this message?
6PM the day before guest check-out.


#5 Post Check-out Review Request

This message sets the expectation that you will write the guest a positive review so that the guest, in turn, will write you a positive review, too. 

What does this message include?
Confirmation that check-out has gone smoothly and encourages the guest to write a review.

When do I send this message?
4PM the day of guest check-out. 



When using these messages, make sure to tailor them to your rental requirements and your hosting personality. And, these messages work best for guests staying more than one day. If the majority of your guests are single night travelers then you can skip message #3. 

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