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Top 10 Must-Have Tools for Rental Hosts To Make More Money

Top 10 Must-Have Tools for Rental Hosts To Make More Money


There are as many ways to run a Short Term Rental as there are Hosts to create listings. Every host has their own spin on how to do things but they all have the same goal in mind: to make money. If you want your rental to book as often as possible and maximize your profits, these are the 10 must-haves you will need for your rental:

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#1 - White Bedding 
White bedding is 100% the way to go for your rental. It looks clean and crisp, photographs well, and is easier to clean. That’s right, you read that correctly. White sheets are easier to clean. Colored bedding can become discolored by your guests' various potions and lotions. And, once that happens, there is nothing you can do but throw them out or use them as cleaning rags. White bedding can be restored with whiteners to get them to bounce back. Sure, sometimes colored bedding hides stains better but they hide stains not just from guests but from you. Imagine you miss a big nasty stain hidden in colored sheets but your guest finds it? You can kiss that 5-star review goodbye. There is a reason why hotels almost excessively use white bedding and it's not just to make guests feel more comfortable. Get all the white bedding you need right now!

#2 - Bulk Cleaning Supplies
Making extra cash renting out your spare bedroom is awesome. Renting out your house as a vacation rental and making more than you would with a regular tenant is even more awesome. Constantly having to clean the same space over and over is definitely not awesome. So, you need to find ways to minimize the pain of cleaning. The less time you spend cleaning, the more time you have to enjoy that extra income. Investing in bulk cleaning supplies that can be delivered to your door is the easiest way to save time and money. Buying in bulk is cheaper, it eliminates runs to the store, and ensures you have what you need when you need it. Cleaning the same thing over and over sucks, make it suck less with bulk cleaning supplies. 

#3 - Queen Sized Bed
A queen size bed is the Goldie Lox bed for short term rentals. It’s not too big, not too small, but it’s just the right size. Full and twin sizes are fine for an extra guest bed, a bed for kids, or those who have a small space and only host single travelers. Most guests, however, travel in pairs and they don’t want to be crammed into a tiny bed. If guests see a twin or full size mattress in your listing, they usually move right along to the next listing. A queen size will get you booked. King and California King sizes are great but they are pricey. Not just the mattress but the bed frame, head board, sheets, blankets, etc. Everything in these sizes is more expensive. King and California King are good for those higher end listings that will demand higher rates and are expected to have better offerings. For most listings, a King or California King ends up costing you more without getting you more bookings. Queen is the perfect balance of cost and guest happiness. Get all the queen size bedding, mattresses, and bed frames you need right here.

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#4 - Waterproof Mattress Pad 
Boy, oh boy, are you gambling with your mattress if you don’t have a waterproof mattress pad. It’s just a matter of time before something spills, leaks, or trickles onto your bed. Most guests are amazing but it takes just one accident like spilling coffee or a leaky bladder to ruin a mattress. The waterproof mattress pad saves you the heartache and expense of replacing a stained mattress. Just pull off the waterproof pad, throw some stain remover on, run it through the wash, and you are good to go for the next guest. This is the insurance policy you need for your mattresses! Get one right now, before something bad happens.

#5 - Plenty of Laundry Detergent
Sheets and Towels, sheets and towels, every single guest will use sheets and towels. Guess what you are washing after every booking? Oh yeah, sheets and towels. Stock up on laundry detergent because running out is a pain and you better believe you will use it. Having bulk laundry detergent delivered to your door is the easiest way to save money, save time, and ensure you don’t run out.

#6 - Memory Foam
A memory foam mattress will get you booked. It’s really that simple. With more rental listings being posted every day, travelers are able to be more and more selective. Offering a memory foam mattress and pillows is an easy way to increase your bookings and stay competitive. And, don't worry about the price because memory foam mattresses aren't even expensive anymore. Check out these memory foam mattresses and pillows. So, no more excuses. Upgrade your rental with memory foam and increase your booking rate. 

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#7 - Stain Remover
Stains can and will happen so you need to have a good stain remover in your cleaning arsenal. There is no getting around this unless you want to constantly be buying new towels and bedding and wasting money. Whether you soak, spray, or use the stick, having plenty of stain remover on hand is going to save you money. It’s just simple math. Getting booked + running out of stain remover = guest spilling bright red Gatorade all over your nice white sheets. So, make sure you buy your stain remover in bulk to save money and ensure you always have some on hand.

#8 - White Towels
A bunch of random colored towels in your rental bathroom will not impress guests. On the other hand, a stack of fluffy, neatly folded white towels instantly tells your guests, “Welcome to the feeling of clean.” White towels put guests at ease and keeps them from transforming into a Hotel Impossible TV Host looking for flaws and dirt. And, certain lotions and potions that guests use will cause discoloration in colored towels. These stains don't wash out and you will have to buy new towels. Whereas white towels can be whitened to remove almost any stain. Hotels and Motels have been providing white towels for years exactly because they are easier to keep clean. It’s not because white is their favorite color. Get your white towels right here.  

#9 - Bulk Hand Soap
Hook up your guests with hand soap. It’s the nice thing to do, it shows you care, and do you really want guests staying at your rental who aren't washing their hands? Yuck. Hand soap is a cost effective way to make your rental feel welcoming and clean. Just put out a little container of soap, preferably liquid or foam over the bar soap, and keep a bulk supply ready to refill as needed. It takes seconds to refill, costs pennies per guests and is nice way of saying to your guests, “Hey, don’t wipe your grubby unwashed hands all over my beautiful place.” 

#10 - Toilet Paper (Seriously)
Provide your guests with toilet paper. I am not saying you need to leave out an expensive triple-ply, super-plush 18 pack of TP for guests to ransack. But at least put a roll of single-ply. Well, two-ply really would be a nice gesture. I know this tip might sound obvious but you would be surprised how many hosts don't provide even this basic necessity in an effort to pinch pennies and save money. Do yourself a favor and set yourself up to receive 5-star reviews by offering guests some toilet paper.

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