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What is the best Soap and Shampoo for an Airbnb host?

What is the best Soap and Shampoo for an Airbnb host?

Quick answer:  A fragrance-free formula in a refillable pump bottle made from a cloudy plastic. Bonus points if it is made from an organic sustainable source.

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Why should the soap and shampoo for my Airbnb be fragrance-free? 
It is the safest option that will universally appeal to most of your guests.. Adding fragrances to soaps and shampoos means adding extra ingredients which will increase the chances of a negative (or allergic) reaction. Plus what smells good is completely subjective. You might love the smell of mint apricot but some guests are going to find it repulsive. At the end of the day, there is no upside to having a fragrance but there certainly is some downside.

Why should the soap and shampoo for my Airbnb come in a refillable bottle?
Because it will save you money. Buying a brand new bottle every time is an unnecessary expense that keeps adding up. Find a brand that comes in a nice bottle you can display for guests and also comes in a larger gallon size bottle you can buy at a discount and refill from.   

Why should the soap and shampoo for my Airbnb come in a pump bottle?
A pump is both sanitary and it helps prevent overuse. The pump prevents random particles and whatnot from getting into the bottle. It also controls the amount that comes out at one time so guests do not accidentally dump out half the bottle when they use it. 

Why do I want a bottle made from cloudy plastic?
It will look nicer for your guests and it will save you time during cleanings. Cloudy plastic hides soap scum and water spots that are otherwise impossible to remove. Plus, the cloudy plastic doesn't show how much soap is left in the bottle. Of course, full bottles look better than half full ones. But refilling bottles after every guest is tedious and unnecessary. Select a cloudy plastic to make the bottles look uniform and full for each booking. 

Do sustainable organic products really matter? 
For some guests, it is the difference between booking your place or another. This is not true for all or even most guests. But if having organic products in your listing gets you a few more bookings a year it will more than pay for itself. While it might not be necessary, organic products certainly are a nice bonus that can help improve your bottom line.

Check out these fragrance-free soaps and shampoos in refillable pump bottles made from cloudy plastic:

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