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What is the best mattress protector for a Short Term Rental?

What is the best mattress protector for a Short Term Rental?


Quick answer: A machine washable, fullly encased mattress protector that is silent when slept on. 

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Why do I need a fully encased mattress protector for my short-term rental?
Spilled liquids will get onto any and all sides of your mattress. It can even get underneath your mattress and stain the underside. So to avoid having to buy a new mattress, it's best to protect the entire mattress.

Why do I need to make sure my mattress protector is silent when slept on?
Many of the commonly sold mattress protectors are made of plastic or rubber and are intended for hospital or elder care usage. When someone moves on a bed with one of these protectors it makes a loud crinkling noise turning an amazing bed into an annoying bad review inducing mattress. But if you go with a fabric mattress protector guests will never even know its there.

Why do I need a machine washable mattress protector for my short-term rental?
It is cheaper and easier. Spills on a non-machine washable protector mean its time to buy a new one or take a trip to the dry cleaner. But if it is machine washable life is easy. Just smother it in stain remover and run it through with your normal washing. In an hour or so its ready to get back to protecting your mattress.

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